Exercise your right to vote! Much of the world doesn’t have it…

After sharing it with my Namibian friends and colleagues, and (once again) discussing our electoral process, I was proud to fax in my absentee ballot today. Voter participation here and in most other new countries is much higher than in the US. We must lead by example, particularly this year!

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Backpacking at Spitzkoppe

Those of you familiar with Arches NP in Utah or Joshua Tree in SoCal will recognize familiar types of geologic formations at Spitzkoppe, which I explored this past weekend. Stunning beauty as the light changed throughout the day, and each feature seemed to take on a new appearance when I barely moved my vantage point. Later, I learned that Stanley Kubrick’s Dawn of Man sequence from 2001: A Space Odyssey, was filmed here.

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More bike rides through the desert

The beginning of Spring means that Summer is not far behind, and our comfortable temperatures won’t continue for long. A week ago, for example, we saw the cold, wet fog reach 65 km inland from the coast and only my sleeping bag kept me warm enough at night. Yesterday, on the other hand, it reached the high-90s!

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Hey, Monterey Bay Area folks: meet the PC Director!

Just a quick note to my Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Area friends. Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet and Congressman Sam Farr will be holding a special public event to talk about “the opportunities the Peace Corps offers….” on Monday, September 19th at CSUMB in Marina. You can learn more by visiting this Event Information and Registration link. RSVP by September 15th! Continue reading “Hey, Monterey Bay Area folks: meet the PC Director!”

Sunday bike ride

One of my favorite weekend activities is exploring the desert surrounding Arandis. For most recent weeks, this has been on foot–but now that I have a working bike, I’m able to cover much more ground and go further into the bush. Yesterday, while clocking about 30km off-road, I found ancient riverbeds, an endemic Quiver Tree and several herd of wandering Springbok.

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Heroes’ Day – 50th Anniversary

Imagine a holiday that combines all the patriotic fervor of your country’s Veterans’ Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day combined, and then consider that it’s the 50th anniversary of the first shots fired in your country’s Revolutionary War. That’s what Namibia experienced last week on Heroes’ Day!  Continue reading “Heroes’ Day – 50th Anniversary”