A project completed (and I have the blisters to prove it!)

When I first visited Goanikontes-Oasis back in October, I started to think about a return trip to that relaxing retreat by hiking from Arandis across the desert and down a number of dry river canyons. While I had painful memories of the reconnaissance mission to remind me of the challenges, it was still a project I looked forward to accomplishing once summer was over and the temperatures were more tolerable.

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Group 41 prepares to return home…

As I approach my halfway point, other PCVs are about to reach their Close of Service (COS) dates after 27 months in country. PCV Andy collected together on his blog a number of 6-word stories that describe the experience on the part of his fellow Group 41 PCVs. I think these are pretty cool!

365 Days in…

Tomorrow will be the first anniversary of my arrival in Namibia with my fellow PCVs from Group 43. I will mark the occasion by completing the “project” I conceived back in October: to backpack from home over the desert and down the Khan and Swakop River canyons to Goanikontes-Oasis Rest Camp.

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Saying goodbye

Nothing illustrates the uniqueness of a culture as the way in which momentous personal events are celebrated: births, weddings and deaths. Last week was filled with a number of gatherings to celebrate Kawii’s life. This post shares in words, photos, video and audio clips, a bit of what I experienced as we celebrated his life and bid him farewell.

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In Memorium: Manfred “Kawii” Murangi

Thank you for your warm and thoughtful comments in response to my post about this tragic loss. The community of Arandis and the entire Erongo Region celebrates the life of Kawii: there are informal gatherings, public memorials, and religious services throughout the week as we mourn the loss of this very special man.

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When joy is shattered: Manfred “Kawii” Murangi, R.I.P.

Tonight, I learned of the passing of my dear friend and Arandis work colleague, Manfred (Kawii) Murangi.

He was the first person in Arandis that I met last June and, as a close colleague in the Town Council, he was my guide to all things Namibian. He will be sadly missed. And he will never walk alone!