Two years have just flown by…

Tomorrow will mark the second anniversary of my arrival to Arandis. In many ways, it feels like it was just yesterday.

At the same time, I feel like I’ve been here forever…

A sign off the motorway welcomes us to my new home.


Author: Chris

Until 2019, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia focused on Community Economic Development. Before that, I was a high-tech executive, small business owner, consultant and business broker.

3 thoughts on “Two years have just flown by…”

  1. Chris-
    Please let me know when (if?) you get back to Santa Cruz.
    We’ll plan a day on the bay with WindWalker…


    Cap’n Van

    1. Thanks, Van! I’ll be back in early December and will be in touch! Would love to see you and Susan and get out on the water again!

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