England’s Lake District

As a 19 year old foreign exchange student in Scotland, I made my first visit to the Lake District of England over a long weekend and immediately fell in love with the terrain and local culture. Through many other visits over the years, I took a few daylong treks and always looked with envy at the people carrying their rucksacks on more serious adventures up into the fells. “Some day…” I hoped, “I want to do that, too!”

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Let’s call it a rebranding of this weblog…

Hello, all – I hope you are well! Thanks for visiting again.

I’ve been delinquent in keeping up this blog during the pandemic, although I was fortunate that the virus didn’t keep me from visiting Namibia a few times – it is always nice to see my friends and former colleagues there in my second home. Throughout the period, I’ve mostly kept busy with some local volunteer activities (elections, census, food bank, and mentoring several foreign small businesses through MicroMentor) as well as enjoying some self-improvement (online courses, lectures, webinars, and gardening).

While I expect (and hope) to spend a lot of my future in Namibia again, and possibly even with the Peace Corps, I’ve spent most of my recent months preparing for some long distance hikes this year. In order to share these adventures with all of you, I thought I would borrow this “Chris-in-Namibia” site and temporarily rename it “Chris-on-the-Trail.” I hope you don’t mind.

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