UK 2022 -Aira Force

The weather gods delivered excellent conditions (cool, overcast, and dry) for us to hike up into the nearby hills, so we set our sights on Ullswater’s famous waterfall, Aira Force. Most people in Glenridding walk to and back from the waterfall along the lake, on the Ullswater Way. But to get more distance and elevation, we found a nice loop away from the water and around the peaks of Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike.

We were finally fell-walking!

Glenridding Beck

Every now and then, we came across remnants of the lead mining that occurred between 1825 and 1961.

The wind picked up, threatening to blow our hats away!
Glenridding Common

We had the trail to ourselves, except for the local residents: the native Herdwick sheep.

Walking through the Aira Force woods.
Aira Force waterfall.
The Aira Force footbridge.

Returning to Glenridding House, at the end of a long day, we got a glimpse up the valley that we would take in a couple of days to reach the summit of Helvellyn.

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