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It is common for many visitors to England’s Lake District to walk beside the lakes or hike in the fells – alone, with special companions, or in a group. What is less common is to do it alongside creatures that have been specifically bred to work in these hills. We spent a day with Tom Lloyd, owner of Fell Pony Adventures, and two of his ponies, Lucky and Prince, for a hike along the country lanes and through the woods above the villages of Lakeside and Newby Bridge on Windermere. It was a day of hiking as we’ve never had before!

Leading the fell ponies along a country lane.
Tom taught us a lot about the ponies.

We soon left the country roads to climb through some wooded trails.

Halfway through our hike in the hills above Windermere, we stopped alongside Simpson Ground Reservoir for a delicious picnic lunch that Tom had prepared and the ponies had carried for us.

It was quite a spread for just the three of us, and so so delicious!


Back at the ranch, one of Tom’s stallions comes to visit.
Fell pony selfie!

I forgot to capture the hike on AllTrails before lunch.

We want to support Tom and his family, his business and colleagues in the work they do to bring greater attention to these fascinating animals. Following are a number of links to Fell Pony Adventures, plus videos that Tom has made, and the podcast that he currently hosts. I hope you can check them out, and definitely stop by to meet them if you’re ever in the area.

Fell Pony Adventures Website

Fell Pony Adventures Facebook Page

Fell Pony Adventures Podcast

Video: Fell Pony Adventures Treks (2 mins)
Video: Live Before You Die (8 mins)
Video: The Fell Pony (35 mins)

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