UK 2022 -The Langdale Pikes

When I began my research about a trekking holiday in the Lake District, a full 18 months before our trip (extended, of course, by Covid), the first location I studied was Great Langdale. Thus, I thought it would be fitting finale as our last hiking base. Alfred Wainwright’s descriptions of the nearby Langdale Pikes made it sound like a Disneyland for fell walkers. It involved a lot of climbing over a fairly short distance, but the weather gods were supportive and we were not disappointed with bagging four Wainwright peaks in one day!

From the valley floor, we can see only the nearer foothills to the hidden peaks beyond.

We came across many varied gates and stiles to cross fence lines, and also many friendly dogs. But this was definitely the best stile for dogs we saw in the whole trip!
“On you go, buddy… We’ll be right behind you!”

We rested at Pike Howe for a nice view…
… then turned around to see so much more to climb!

Dungeon Ghyll Force (waterfall), our hotel’s namesake.

Our first summit of the day, a Wainright peak named Harrison Stickle.

The rocky traverse across to our next summit, Pavey Ark.
Looking back to Harrison Stickle.
The view across the valley to Lingmoor Fell and Side Pike, where we had hiked in the rain on the previous day.

Atop the Langdale Pikes, mountain pastures and bogs connect the nearby peaks, including Pike of Stickle in the center.
Even though the neighboring peaks are relatively close, the terrain can make for slow-going.

As can the scrambling up…
… but the views simply can’t be beat!

On the path from Pike of Stickle, we see Harrison Stickle on the left and Loft Crag on the right.
And now, to negotiate the long, steep and slippery descent.

Our hotel is just below, but it would still take us a couple of hours to finally get there.

We ended the day with a welcomed pint at the Walker’s Bar of the New Dungeon Ghyll Hotel, (“new,” although built in 1832).

Author: Chris

Until 2019, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia focused on Community Economic Development. Before that, I was a high-tech executive, small business owner, consultant and business broker.

7 thoughts on “UK 2022 -The Langdale Pikes”

  1. just amazing landscape. Reminds me a bit of our trip to Isle of Skye, and makes me want to go back. Perhaps retrace your already well researched path. Thanks for the pictures and narrative!

    1. Covid delays gave me a lot of time to do my research. If you have any questions or interest, I would be happy to share my resources with you.

  2. Breathtaking views after what looks like breathtaking climbing.

    I love the greens of hills and valleys in combination with the clouds and sky.

    And of course the gate for the dogs.

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