Day of the Namibian Child and Reading Club

When I recently lamented my neglect of this blog, a friend said: “Live your life now – write about it later…”

But I couldn’t go any longer without telling you about one of my many activities.

The country recently celebrated The Day of the Namibian Child (think of it as a kids’ version of Mother’s and Father’s Days) and the national Readathon. I was invited to read to the collected learners at Arandis Primary School in a colorful and joyous assembly.

The learners were greeted with a colorful display.
The Arandis Primary School teacher and principal who organized the day.

The learners proudly sing their school anthem.

That event led to my starting an after-school Reading Club where we are able to read aloud each day for 45 minutes and then discuss life in general for about 15-30 minutes. They are so curious and ask great questions!