This happens in Namibia ALL the time!

One unanticipated advantage of living in a thinly-populated country is that all the people who are here seem to know each other – I have met untold numbers of people I wouldn’t think possible to meet in the US. For example, in a recent post about Namibia’s novel approach to wildlife conservation, I brought attention to pioneer Garth Owen-Smith. Well, let me tell you another Namibian small world story…

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A sad update to my recent post…

NPR just reported this sad news about elephant poaching in Botswana. I just returned from a week participating in a game count in Namibia, just over the river border from where this tragedy occurred.  I will post more about my experience shortly, but want to share this information while it’s fresh.

In lieu of my own post…

Oh my…  as I approach the first anniversary of my arrival to Arandis, I have been SO busy! Too busy, in fact, to have time to share all my recent activities and adventures on this blog. I actually have 6 (count them, 6!) posts to share with you, in various stages of development…  but priority naturally goes to living life over reporting on the life lived. I trust you’ll forgive me.

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Is the Peace Corps still relevant?

I recently had a chance to reflect on “the bigger picture…”

4 months after saying goodbye to one another at the end of PST in Okahandja, the 31 members of Peace Corps Namibia Group 43 met together in Windhoek last week for our “ReConnect.”

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