“Trophy Hunting” is “Conservation Hunting” in Namibia

A fascinating article to open Western eyes to the role of Trophy Hunting in Namibia’s successful wildlife conservation efforts. Chris Brown is another one of Namibia’s heroes!

Photo Credit: linked article

Another Namibian travelogue…

It’s always interesting to come across a travelogue like this one about Namibia, the place I’ve called home for nearly 3 years. While I don’t particularly like the commercial aspects of the embedded video, it’s still nice to share this beautiful land.

Photo Credit: 123 RF

A landscape like no other…

As I enter my final month of Peace Corps service in Namibia, I was delighted to come across these wonderful aerial photographs by Leah Kennedy showing the abstract but very real beauty of this country. (Photo Credit: Leah Kennedy. All rights reserved).

I hope you enjoy it too!