Tov Tsumeb Orphanage visits Etosha National Park

I’ve been fortunate to work with fellow PCV Angel in supporting the Tov Orphanage in the town of Tsumeb, coaching the management team and board of directors in effective governance and operations. Our inspiration is the children – all affected in some way or another by HIV/AIDS – who organized a whole weekend’s visit to Etosha National Park, complete with a fun environmental educational program and a wonderful game drive. I hope you can feel the energy and joy that these kids exhibit!

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The new year started with a lot of wildlife!

Greetings from Namibia! Sorry – I didn’t mean to be away for so long!

My intention was to take a few weeks off from the blog, during which time I camped in three of Namibia’s game reserves. The break was wonderful but only served to put me behind at work so I extended my “blog pause.” I hope to make up for my absence with this, my longest post yet. Fear not – it’s mostly photographs and one little short video.

I hope you enjoy it!

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