Sharing this beautiful land…

My love made it to southern Africa over the holiday break in December, when I was able to show her why I love it here in Namibia. We started with a few days in South Africa, then flew to Namibia where we saw many of the iconic cultural and natural aspects that one should see on a first visit: wild animals (large and small), the dunes and the sea.

I hope you enjoy some of the photos we collectively took.

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The new year started with a lot of wildlife!

Greetings from Namibia! Sorry – I didn’t mean to be away for so long!

My intention was to take a few weeks off from the blog, during which time I camped in three of Namibia’s game reserves. The break was wonderful but only served to put me behind at work so I extended my “blog pause.” I hope to make up for my absence with this, my longest post yet. Fear not – it’s mostly photographs and one little short video.

I hope you enjoy it!

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