My next adventure…

Three years ago today I left California to begin the journey with Peace Corps Namibia that I have enjoyed chronicling on this blog.

Since closing my service and returning to the US in December, I have been searching for my next adventure – an opportunity that would give me the same level of fulfillment that I enjoyed in Arandis.

I considered a return to the corporate world, buying another company, moving into non-profit organization management and even retirement. I only knew for sure that I wanted to be here in San Jose with my love – relocation wasn’t an option. I’m happy to share with you today that I found it…

I’m going to be a Middle School teacher of English, Social Studies or History (the specific school, grade level and specific subjects are still TBD)!

Teach for America was founded nearly 30 years ago and modeled after the Peace Corps. It is a non-traditional teacher training program that puts new college grads (and a few others of us) into high-need schools for at least two years. Many people in my life have been teachers (including Mom!) and I have the greatest respect for the work they’ve done to get trained and certified. I don’t think for a second that I’ll learn everything I need to know during my intensive training over the next few months, but I’m going to give it my best shot. I believe that education is the antidote to ignorance and a ticket to social uplift – the need to improve education in our country is as great as I found it in Namibia.

I credit the kids in my Arandis Learning Club for this decision, who every day told me: “Mr Chris, you should be a teacher!”

Arandis Learning Club

Author: Chris

Until 2019, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia focused on Community Economic Development. Before that, I was a high-tech executive, small business owner, consultant and business broker.

14 thoughts on “My next adventure…”

  1. Congratulations my friend indeed teaching is your calling.

    Masters in Town and Regional Planning graduate

    p.s thanks again for your assistance in this endeavor

    *irregardless lol

  2. To be successful in one career in one’s lifetime is wonderful! Successful in two careers is fantastic…. Three careers is incredible! And now, a fourth is in the making… outstanding!

    You brains, work ethics, compassion, humanitarianism have served you well! ENJOY! (Hope I’m around to see what you do next!)

    With love, admiration and awe…. Sue

  3. Chris: Your next adventure, indeed! I am sure that it will be as all-consuming as your time in the Peace Corps. Most of the TFA teachers are right out of college; I am sure that the TFA team will benefit from your wisdom and life experience (I won’t use the “gray hair” metaphor).

    1. Hey, Tom – good to hear from you! You’re right about the demographics of TFA, even compared to PC. I’m glad they’ve let me in and will do my best to use every gray hair I’ve managed to earn!

  4. Congratulations, Chris! You know I approve, as an educator for the last 32 years…

    Wow, I have so many thoughts and ideas — and I’d love to talk shop with you, and I’m sure I can offer you a lot of ideas, resources, guidance, if you want…

    Let me/us know when you get a post; is it likely to be close to Santa Cruz, or it might be anywhere in US, right?

    Cheers, friend!


    1. Thanks, Ted! It will be in or close to San Jose, but the specific school, grade level and subject are still to be determined. I’ll start the hiring process once I launch the credentialing test process this week. I’ll be in touch to pick your brain!

  5. your heart is as big as Africa! I’m sure you will rock this job big time! sending love and blessings for this adventure.

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