Camino Francés 2022 – Final thoughts, stats, and what’s up next?

Since coming home, I’ve had fun catching up with friends and family, as well as chatting on WhatsApp with my new Camino friends located all over the world. Many are now home and having various re-entry experiences. Most seem content as we try to bring our Camino peace into our everyday lives. All are exploring ways to get out there again, wherever “there” may be.

For my part, I am still reflecting on the whole experience. I imagine that will be the case for quite awhile. Fortunately, I have had help. For example:

Camigo Ned shared this relevant link to
John Clare’s Poetic Preambulations.

Camiga Deborah shared this link to what is probably
my favorite YouTube video about the Camino Francés:

Some Final Statistics:

# Days: 46 walking + 6 rest = 52 days (5 days in Merrell boots, 47 days in Chacos sandals, now with very little tread remaining).

Distance Walked: 967.9 kilometers (601.4 miles) (The distance I walked with my tracking apps turned on, but excluding my daily walkabouts in the cities, towns and villages.)

Time Walking: 210.02 hours (Including time at my daily rest stops.)

Walking Day Averages:
Distance: 21.0 kms (13.1 miles)
Duration: 4:40 (4 hours 40 minutes)
Pace: 4.58 km/hour (2.85 miles per hour)
Steps: 27,261

Body Changes:
Weight: -21 pounds (-9.5 kgs) (Coincidentally, that’s also the weight of my pack sans water.)
Waistline: -2 inches (-5 cms)
Age: -10 years (Ha!)
Heart Size: 2x

Thank you again, everyone, for coming along on my Camino. Let’s do it again soon!

What’s up next?

So, many of you have asked me… what’s next? As I write these words I have already booked a number of 2023 adventures: hiking and scuba diving in Thailand in March, hiking with Joanie in Southern Utah in April, and walking with her again along two Vias in Italy this summer for her first inn-to-inn multi-day treks: the Via Degli Dei (Path of the Gods) from Bologna to Florence and the Via de Francesco (Way of Saint Francis) from near Florence to Assisi.

For the second half of the year, I feel called back to Spain to walk another Camino de Santiago – perhaps the Portuguese Way or the Camino del Norte. Stay tuned: you have helped encourage me to continue walking and continue sharing on this blog, so I’ll see you here again soon!

¡Buen Camino!

Author: Chris

Until 2019, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia focused on Community Economic Development. Before that, I was a high-tech executive, small business owner, consultant and business broker.

2 thoughts on “Camino Francés 2022 – Final thoughts, stats, and what’s up next?”

  1. Thanks Chris,

    for all
    the sharing
    the pictures
    the stories
    the thoughts
    the statistics
    the reflection
    and the always smiling selfies.

    With deepest respect

    1. Thanks for this, Jürgen – I’m sorry for my late reply. I’ll be posting again soon about my recent trips to Thailand and Utah.

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