UK 2022 -Isle of Skye and beyond…

After reminiscing in Stirling and driving through the Highlands, we made our way onto the beautiful Isle of Skye for a few days of R&R. It dawned on me that our little B&B in Carbost was the first solid roof I’d had over my head in all my journeys to the island. As a poor student, I was always in a tent…

Some pub food is much better than others!
The hills of Black Cuillin dominate much of the island.
Carbost is home to the Talisker Distillery, where one of my favorite whiskies is made.

A mirthful gnome in a random field.

More playful wonders amidst the branches.

We had spent a lot of time in the car, so it was nice to get out for a short walk near Dunvegan.

Not all stone obelisks are ancient.
The Duirinish Stone was erected by the locals in 2000 to celebrate the Millenium.
What will future generations think of us?

The ruins of St. Mary’s Church, Dunvegan.

The village and ferry port of Uig.
A local resident that seems to live up to the town’s name: Uig!

Having stopped for a quick lunch in the small village of Uig, we were approached by a long-haired man of soft voice and gentle demeanor whom we immediately and automatically thought would ask us for money or offer tour guide services that we neither wanted nor needed. Roderick James introduced himself as The Romantic Engineer and kicked us off our defensive pedestal by asking to recite for us a poem he had written…

When Journeys Call
by Roderick James

When journeys call don't hesitate
With problems that you self create.
Although there's many that come to mind
When journeys start they're left behind.
Along the way the answers come
To questions that you never sung.

You learn to listen out for clues
Instead of suffering with the blues.
These take you on your easy way
That lead you to your destiny.
So if no answer you can see
Look to the side and there twill be.

Uig was the furthest away we would travel on this trip, and the point at which we turned around to start our long journey home. Roderick gifted us with the most fitting verse we could have imagined and we are very grateful to him.

The early morning ferry from Armadale on Skye to Mallaig on the mainland.


Glenfinnan Viaduct at eye level.

Glenfinnan Viaduct from above, as seen in the Harry Potter films.

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Until 2019, I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Namibia focused on Community Economic Development. Before that, I was a high-tech executive, small business owner, consultant and business broker.

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  1. I smiled reading this. In August 2021 I was walking the dog along the shoreline at Lytham, Lancashire, when I struck up a conversation with Roderick who recited one of his wonderful poems. After a year of lockdowns it was a beautiful moment which l’ll remember forever! Looks like you had an amazing trip.

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