UK 2022 -For the Foodies: a Special Meal at L’Enclume Aulis

After almost three weeks in England’s Lake District, our time had now come to an end. Our focus was primarily on trekking, so the meals were usually limited by time or location: mostly traditional English breakfasts and a lot of pub food. To celebrate the trip, we treated ourselves to a 15-course experience at Aulis, the Chef’s Table at the famous L’Enclume restaurant in Cartmel, in the southern part of the Lakes. Our experience, exclusively for the two of us and one other couple on this day, took most of four leisurely hours as we watched Chef Jake work his culinary and artistic magic. It was unlike any meal we’d ever had before – so this post is unlike any I’ve ever written before. It’s possible that these photos and videos will appeal only to the foodies out there, but I am hoping that the many unique dishes – truly works of art – will intrigue everyone at least a little bit.

L’Enclume is the dream-come-true of renowned chef Simon Rogan, celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2022. There have been only eight restaurants in Britain awarded three stars by the Michelin Guide, and L’Enclume is the only one of those located outside of the greater London area. It was our chance to clean up and get spoiled!

He also made vegetarian versions of all courses for Joanie!

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