My next adventure…

Three years ago today I left California to begin the journey with Peace Corps Namibia that I have enjoyed chronicling on this blog.

Since closing my service and returning to the US in December, I have been searching for my next adventure – an opportunity that would give me the same level of fulfillment that I enjoyed in Arandis.

I considered a return to the corporate world, buying another company, moving into non-profit organization management and even retirement. I only knew for sure that I wanted to be here in San Jose with my love – relocation wasn’t an option. I’m happy to share with you today that I found it…

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Saying goodbye

Nothing illustrates the uniqueness of a culture as the way in which momentous personal events are celebrated: births, weddings and deaths. Last week was filled with a number of gatherings to celebrate Kawii’s life. This post shares in words, photos, video and audio clips, a bit of what I experienced as we celebrated his life and bid him farewell.

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In Memorium: Manfred “Kawii” Murangi

Thank you for your warm and thoughtful comments in response to my post about this tragic loss. The community of Arandis and the entire Erongo Region celebrates the life of Kawii: there are informal gatherings, public memorials, and religious services throughout the week as we mourn the loss of this very special man.

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When joy is shattered: Manfred “Kawii” Murangi, R.I.P.

Tonight, I learned of the passing of my dear friend and Arandis work colleague, Manfred (Kawii) Murangi.

He was the first person in Arandis that I met last June and, as a close colleague in the Town Council, he was my guide to all things Namibian. He will be sadly missed. And he will never walk alone!

I implored people to vote, and they did…

Now I have to find a way to explain to my Namibian friends and colleagues (as well as myself) just what the US election results mean.

My entire adult life as been devoted to building bridges to people from other countries around the globe. Attending university, living, working and traveling overseas, I believe in inclusiveness – and in leading by example. That commitment remains unchanged today.

Exercise your right to vote! Much of the world doesn’t have it…

After sharing it with my Namibian friends and colleagues, and (once again) discussing our electoral process, I was proud to fax in my absentee ballot today. Voter participation here and in most other new countries is much higher than in the US. We must lead by example, particularly this year!

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We’re Namibia’s newest Peace Corps volunteers!

After 9 weeks of PST, we were sworn in today by the US Ambassador as official Peace Corps volunteers in Namibia.

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