Goodbye, Arandis! P.S. I love you!

Today is my last day at the office where I have worked at the Arandis Town Council for the past 2 1/2 years. It hasn’t always been easy – but it has always been rewarding. Above my desk, every day, I used this poem for inspiration. Attributed to the philosopher Laozi in the 6th Century BC, it encapsulates for me the primary objective of Peace Corps around the world. Continue reading “Goodbye, Arandis! P.S. I love you!”

An abundance of gratitude…

This past weekend was most special! Bringing together so many of my favorite people in Namibia! Colleagues from work, clients, Namibian friends and fellow PCVs joined me Friday night to celebrate my farewell – an experience I will never forget! Some of them agreed to be caught in these photos and many others graciously made entries in my Memory Book. (I can’t bring myself to go through that one until I’m on the airplane in 10 days’ time.)

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Preparing for the Peace Corps Interview: Q&As

I was recently contacted by a candidate for a volunteer position in the Community Economic Development (CED) sector at Peace Corps Namibia. She will soon have her online interview and she reached out with some good questions about my experience. I was happy to answer them and thought you might find some interest in this…

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Welcome to Arandis!

It’s been a long time since my last post and 5 weeks since I moved to my new home in the small desert town of Arandis, Erongo Region, Namibia.

I’m working at the Town Council as its Local Economic Development Specialist and am settling into both home life and work life here. The days race by at lightspeed and all my energy has been expended on integrating with my colleagues and new community.

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Images of Life in Namibia

For 5 days last week, I shadowed Andy G at his work & living site in Penduka Village outside of the capitol, Windhoek. Continue reading “Images of Life in Namibia”